Most of the Philippines dishes can consist as a basis of a vegetarian meal. Rice is the staple of this cuisine, and there are many ways in which it can be prepared and served. Fried in olive oil with garlic and tamarind, boiled in coconut milk, or baked and used for cakes and sweets, rice is very consistent and great with a salad or a dipping sauce. Chili seems to be a major condiment used for the preparation of all kind of hot or mild sauces and salads, together with coconut milk, tamarind, ginger, pandan leaves, and lemon grass. Sticky rice sticks wrapped in banana or palm leaves, raw salads and mixed vegetables are great not only as snacks or salads, but as vegetarian meals as well. Spinach, aubergines, mushrooms and potatoes crochets are available at all times and can be simmered and served with stewed sauces, or sides of pre-cooked rice.

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