An appetizer in the French cuisine is a very important matter, and in all restaurants you will find tiny portions of sophisticated food as appetizers. They are called entrées and the word is commonly used for appetizers in other fancy restaurants across the world. Among the finest appetizers, you can taste all types of famous French cheeses, like the camembert cheese, with select wines, as well as lemon pesto zucchini peppers. Other appetizers found in fancy restaurants as well as in local dinners, are the broccoli and olive spread, goat cheese stuffed tomatoes, land the croustades with Duxelles. Appetizers may also include the famous foie gras, liver of a force-fed duck or goose, and pâtés. Pâté represents a mixture of grounded meats with meat fats, game or liver, herbs and spices. Pâté en croûte is pâté inside of a pastry crust and makes for a delicious appetizer served with white wine.

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