Just like any other dish in the French cuisine, the desserts are particularly sophisticated, and most delicious. Crêpes, a Brittany region specialty, is often served in classy restaurants, together with chocolate mousses, éclairs, profiteroles, and crème caramel. Caramel is often used as an ice-cream sauce or for decorating cakes. Whip cream is used for decorating purposes as well, for fruit salads and coffee. Pastries and croissants are highly appreciated and served as snacks as much as desserts. Mille-feuilles (flakey puff pastry), thin apple pies, Baba au rhum, and tart Tatin with caramelized apples and a puff pastry base, are other delicious pastry-based desserts. Sweets in the French cuisine may come available in form of chocolate bars, lollipops and congolais (coconut biscuits). If you prefer a lighter dessert, and maybe not so sophisticated, you can opt for the fruit salads made with liquors and ice-cream varieties. Strawberries, cherries, and the famous French vanilla flavor may be available for a fancy ice-cream.

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