When you plan on cooking a French dish, there are some interesting elements needed to be followed in a recipe, but even the most sophisticated dishes can be done if right steps are followed. You need to know all the right condiments that are of great help in this cuisine, and how to use them. Among the most important condiments used for French recipes, you will find Dijon mustard, black olives, dried peppercorn, eggplant caviar and French capers in vinegar. Special ingredients are used for special dishes. Civet de lièvre for instance is made form marinated hare in brandy, red wine and olive oil, and the cotriade (fish soup) needs to contain eel, mackerel, hake, sardines, onion, potatoes, and thyme, and then served over thick slices of bread. Pâté is the name given to ground meats mixed with meat fats, game or liver, butter, port, cognac, herbs and spices. Sometimes truffles may be added.

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