In French cuisine, pastries and croissants served as snacks as much as desserts. They can be sweet or salty, depending on your personal taste, and are usually served between meals or as a replacement for meals for people in a hurry to get to there work, school or lovers. The fillings may consist of mushrooms, ground meat, cheese, fruit jams, chocolate or vanilla. Croissants, doughnuts and muffins, are served hot in fancy restaurants, usually with coffee and milk. Other snacks found in French cuisine are figs with herbed goat cheese, congolais (coconut biscuits), and ham wrapped in bananas. Cheese in its many variations and forms can be served as snacks any time, usually with particular types of wines.

Tarts make for a great snack and are usually sprinkled with coconut flakes and served crunchy. Baguettes and brioches with different fillings are great as snacks and very easy to carry around.

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