In the French cuisine, soups usually contain various vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, green beans, parsley, and sometimes even a handful of rice. Still, the most famous one is the French onion soup that can be topped with grated melted cheese and cubes of French bread or baguette.

Thicker soups come available in creams of vegetables, stews served in deep dishes, and usually eaten with bread, fresh or toasted. Other soup recipes include spinach and celery root with toasted pine nuts, yellow pepper soup with squash, chickpea soup with pancetta and tomatoes, creamy leek and potato soup with dill, and the lentil bacon and celery root Soup. Broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, parsnip, lettuce and cauliflower can also be used in French soups. Chicken and beef are used as main meat ingredients, but bacon can represent great ingredient for a French soup as well. Most soups are served with hard crusted bread, or the famous French baguette.

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