The Georgian cuisine uses the meat in many of its recipes. The sortiments of meat that can be found in Georgian dishes range from chicken, lamb, pork and beef to fish and various types of game meat, such as boar. Most of the meat dishes feature walnuts, which are representative for the Georgian cuisine. The Georgians have developed many techniques in order to conserve the food for long periods of time. They have learned to smoke, salt and dry it. In the old days, people used to cool down the meat by placing it in the rivers. The most important dishes that are based on meat as well as their international names, are:

  • Buglama - Veal Stew with Tomatoes and Herbs
  • Sousi - Beef Stew
  • Gupta - Beef Patties
  • Ghvidzli - Liver with Pomegranate Juice
  • Basturma - Grilled marinated meat
  • Mtsvadi - Skewered Lamb
  • Chakapuli - Braised Lamb Chops
  • Gochi - Roast Suckling Pig
  • Khinkali - Dumplings
  • Chebureki - Deep-fried Lamb Dumplings

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