The Georgian cuisine displays recipes that are based on vegetables and fruits, and which fit very well the diet of vegetarians. Many types of fruits are used. Among these, walnuts have the greatest popularity. Also, cabbage and beans are typical ingredients for these dishes. The Georgians have developed many variations of their well known salad called lobio. Some of the variations seem to be especially created for those that do not consume ingredients and foods of animal provenience. It is good to know that the vegetarian foods cover all the Georgian cuisine, since there are appetizers, salads, soups and desserts based exclusively on vegetables and desserts that either consist of or are made from fruits. The most important Georgian vegetarian dishes are:

  • Lobio Tkemalit - Kidney Beans with Plum
  • Lobio Mtsvanilit - Kidney Beans with Herbs
  • Charkhlis Chogi - Beets with Cherry Sauce
  • Kombostos Ruleti Nigvzit - Cabbage with Walnuts
  • Badridzhani Nivrit - Eggplant with Garlic
  • Charkhils Mkhali - Beet Puree
  • Badridzhani Mtsvanilit - Eggplant Salad with Herbs
  • Badridzhani Bostneulis Satenit - Stuffed Eggplant
  • Badridzhnis Khizilala - Eggplant Caviar
  • Labda - Potato Pancake
  • Soko Arazhanit - Mushrooms in Cream
  • Khis Soko - Wild Mushrooms
  • Kartopili Nigvzit - Potatoes with Walnuts
  • Pamidvris Tolma - Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Mtsvane Pamidori - Stewed Green Tomatoes
  • Adzhapsandali - Vegetable Medley
  • Mtsvane Lobios Mkhali - Green Bean Puree
  • Mtsvane Lobios Salati - Green Bean Salad
  • Lobio - Kidney Bean Salad

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