A classic German appetizer is made of various types of cheese and sausages, cold cuts and usually served with fresh onions or tomatoes. Herring with Beetroot is the most common appetizer served in German restaurants. It is usually served cold, with fresh chopped dill, black pepper, onions, carrots and mayonnaise or dressing. Sometimes brown bread is served with this dish. In areas like Baden, appetizers may consist in sliced potatoes pan-fried in lard, or Bibbeleskäs, which is actually cottage cheese. Strudels with mustard, apples, sauerkraut and bratwurst are usually served as appetizers. Other appetizers include caraway cheese and fresh homemade cheese, watermelon pickles, marinated herrings, roll mops, meat buns and meat balls, usually made of pork. Wines are usually served before dinner as an appetizer opener together with meat and cheese platters, mozzarella sticks, battered mushrooms or potato skins. German crab cakes with mustard sauce are also served before dinner or as snacks in-between meals.

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