Desserts are important in the German cuisine, and are usually served after lunch, as a third course that finishes the entire meal. Cakes are usually made with fruits like apples, cherry or strawberries and can be topped with whip cream and raisins. Cheese cake is also very commonly baked, as well as chocolate and caramel ones. Caramel sauce is used to top not only cakes, but pancakes and ice creams served in restaurants. Carmel and chocolate fudge as well as bars are available in all stores across the country, and are usually children’s favorites. Pancakes are rolled and stuffed with jams and marmalade, chocolate or caramel sauce, and sometimes with goat cheese mixed with eggs, sugar and raisins. Puddings, strudels, éclairs, mousses, and crunchy Oreo or cereal bars with honey and nuts are part of the regular German dessert. Ice cream is usually served with whip cream and flavored sauces, and can be served inside a hot very thin hot pancake as an interesting dessert.

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