Meat is usually served roasted with vegetables as side dishes. Pork, beef, or veil is frequently used, and recipes containing meat have been introduced to the German cuisine since ancient times when cattle herds were raised by locals. Stakes, met balls, pot roasted beef, ground beef meat rolls, grilled chicken breast and fried or grilled fish are served with either mash potatoes, rice, or steamed vegetables. Seafood has become more and more appreciated in the German cuisine, being influenced by the oriental cuisines as well. Spicier kind of meats is used for famous German sausages, such as debrizener, bauerwurst, jagdwurst, frankfurters and summer sausage. There are over a thousand types of German sausages available, and most of them have chilies in the composition. Fried sausages or cold cuts represent great appetizers, and even basis for soups and stews. Goulash blend three types of meat all in one dish, and is very much appreciated all over the country.

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