Some of the recipes are easy to prepare and are ready in very little time, such as the Wurstsalat that requires you to blend sliced onion, together vinegar, oil, salt and pepper, and pour the dressing over cube-cut knackwurst (a type of German sausage). But other recipes, like boneless pork cutlets with fresh marjoram, or stewed red cabbage take longer to prepare and cooking skills as well. Preparing appetizers usually is very simple, when in fact the whole process takes time, because cold cuts of meat, usually pork, take long to prepare. The fresh sliced meat takes time before reaching the smoked desired level, and sausages also take time and skills to prepare. Veal, beef, chicken, and venison are also used for making well known German sausages, which come available in more than 100 assortments. But either recipe you try to prepare, German cottage cheese, wines, sparkling wines or brandies will definitely go great with it.

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