A regular German salad may consist of carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and different types of meat. Asparagus and chicken salad is often served as appetizer. But the most famous salad in the German cuisine is the Wurst Salad, made with sausages such as debrizener, bauerwurst, jagdwurst, frankfurters and summer sausage. Variations regarding salads include new potato and bierwurst salad with mustard sauce, farmer’s salad, been salad with green onions, mushrooms and radish. Vinegar, olive oil and granulated sugar are used for salad preparation, and you can have a salad ready in a few minutes if you already have the dressing prepared out for you. Red onions, hot mustard, canola or olive oil are just some of the ingredients you can blend together to make the dressing for a great salad. Fruit salads are also great to prepare. In restaurants they may come available as desserts rather than salads, and sometimes served with ice-cream.

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