As part of the German diet, snacks play a significant role, because they are used to eat more than three times a day. German crab cakes with mustard sauce, strudels with different fillings, from fruity flavored ones, to mushrooms or ground beef ones, are very much appreciated. Other snacks include baked Sauerkraut with apples, dumplings, vegetable rolls, and homemade sausages. Sweet snacks come available as honey cereals, muesli, fruit salads or glazed apples. Beef toast, mozzarella sticks, ham spread and meat buns and rolls are more consistent snacks, and some of them can be served in form of a sandwich. Jams can also be used to spread on a slice of bread, and then served with a cup of milk. Grated cheese on sliced cabbage makes for a great salad and a perfect snack. Because of other European influences, fast food places have gained popularity, and more and more people choose these places for a fast snack.

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