In the German cuisine, soups usually contain various vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, green beans, parsley, and sometimes even a handful of rice. Thicker soups come available in creams of vegetables, stews served in deep dishes, and usually eaten with bread, fresh or toasted. A famous dish borrowed from the Hungarian cuisine, is the German goulash soup. It contains three types of meat, beef, pork and veil, carrots, parsley and a lot of paprika and hot chilies. It is served hot with dumplings made of flour and eggs. Thick soups can mix artichokes with mushroom toasts, or beans with German sausages. The sausage soup is actually interesting since it may vary from a hot spicy one, to a milder thicker sausage soup that might even have ground beef inside. There is also a specific cabbage soup that is served with cream and fresh baked bread.

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