The Ghanaian desserts are almost all based on the local fruit, the banana. There are the bananas Ghana, the accra banana peanut cake and the kele wele, all famous desserts that include this fruit. The bananas Ghana is made with cinnamon, orange juice and flavored with Curacao or apricot brandy, all garnished with sweetened sour cream and brown sugar. The accra banana peanut cake has normal cake dough and a cream made of mashed bananas, peanuts and cinnamon. The kele wele is not sweet, but it is served as a dessert: well ripened bananas are mixed with onion, garlic, ginger and olive oil. A dessert which doesn’t include the local fruit is represented by the fools; this means a fruit puree folded into custard or whipped cream, which is also famous in Liberia and Nigeria. The Strawberry fool contains: strawberries cut in quarters, heavy cream with port or Madeira wine and confectioner’s sugar.

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