The stew is, together with the soup, the most common dish. Stews are made of chicken, beef or fish as the main meats. The chicken is part of the hkatenkwan or groundnut stew, containing small pieces of chicken, onion, tomatoes, peanut butter, eggplant, fresh or frozen okkra and all flavored with ginger and chilies. The fish stew is made of fresh fish, peppers, tomatoes puree, dried shrimp and palm oil and it is served with banku or kenkey. The kontomire stew can be made with any kind of meat, together with bundles of coco or yam leaves, also called kontomire or spinach, meat tripe and smoked fish and garlic. The combination between exotic fruit and seafood is very common: avocado and crab made with lemon juice and paprika and avocado and smoked fish, with boiled eggs. The akotonshi (stuffed crabs), the shoko (beef and spinach stew) or the kentumere (fish and spinach in tomatoes) are other loved meat dishes of Ghana.

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