The stew is, together with the soup, the most traditional meal. Stews are made of chicken, beef or fish as the main meats and some of the most famous are: the kontomire stew, the chicken and the fish stew. There is a famous dressing in Ghana: the peanut dressing, sweetened with cinnamon, spiced with chili powder and salt and fresh chives for garnish and added mostly on ripe and firm chopped avocados, but also on other kinds of salads. The groundnut soup, which is very exotic, the mushrooms and snail soup or the greens soups are specific to different regions in Ghana. The plantain, fried or boiled is served as a main course and as a vegetarian dish. The tatale, or the Ghanaian plantain cakes are made of ripe plantains, chopped or grated onion, flour, palm oil and salt is served hot as the main vegetarian course. The gari foto is another vegetarian dish, which is also a side dish for stew. The Ghanaian desserts are almost all based on local fruits especially  banana.

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