The soups are the most important meals in the Ghanan cuisine. They can be both light or very consistent and eaten with fufu. Among these, the Ashanti chicken soup, which has an unclear origin, in the Fanti or Asante African tribes, but then it was named by the Europeans. Another famous soup is the palm nut one, locally known as the abenkwan, which is prepared from the pulp of palm fruits with fish, crab or other meat, chopped onion, eggplant and okkra. This soup is a heavy and thick broth, with palm oil at the surface. A kind of light soup is the one called like this, light soup and it includes vegetables, meat and fufu; this is sometimes served before the meal, as an appetizer and sometimes it includes ginger and chili and it is used as a healing method for the ill people. The groundnut soup, which is very exotic, the mushrooms and snail soup or the greens soups are specific to different the Ghanan regions.

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