Greeks have a wide variety of appetizers such as tzatziki, which is yoghurt with cucumber and garlic puree; taramosalata, meaning fish roe mixed with boiled potatoes or moistened breadcrumbs; spanakopita, spinach wrapped in filo pastry; tyropita, Feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry; saganaki, fried cheese; dolmades grapevine leaves which are stuffed with meat or rice and vegetables; avgolemono soup, chicken, meat, vegetable, or fish broth thickened with eggs and lemons and rice.

Greek salad, an extremely tasty appetizer, contains ingredients like onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers garnished with olives and Feta cheese, and dressed with oregano and olive oil. In other countries, this kind of salad can also include lettuce which the Greeks do not use at all. In Greece, there are also restaurants where you can have dishes which are not Greek. Greek cuisine is also famous for chickpeas with sausages and peppers; potatoes with mussels, calamari and tomato; small pies with tuna, eggs and tomatoes; baked vegetables with herbs; baked aubergines with mushrooms; grilled eggplant rounds with Tomato Sauce and strained Greek yogurt; octopus and potato salad with green beans and gaea; cornbread with gaea sweet red pepper and goat cheese tapenade and many others.

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