Due to its history and geography, the Greek style of cooking is typical of Mediterranean cuisine, having also influences from Italy, the Balkans, and Middle East. Even though wheat is the main grain is this country, barley is also grown here. The most important vegetables which grow in Greece are potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, and okra. Here the terrain generally favours the production of goats and sheep over cattle, and this is the reason why beef dishes tend to be a rarity by comparison. In coastal regions and on the islands, fish dishes are very popular. Greek food has always a special taste and this is given by the regional produced olive oil. The hearty spirit of the Greek cuisine does not agree with too much refinement. According to their tradition, the Greeks prefer to serve their dishes warm rather than hot. In Greece, the traditional meat of festivals and holidays is lamb, but beef, pork, or poultry are considered to be very delicious, as well.

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