One of the most famous Greek desserts is Baklava, which contains layers of flaky dough, honey and walnuts. Other delicious desserts are: cheese and honey pie; fruit salad of the ancient Greeks which contains wine; Greek Easter cookies which can be served anytime, even though they are generally associated with Easter; kadaifi, which is Greek honey and nut pastry; kourabiedes or kourambiethes, celebration cookies, very popular at birthdays, weddings, or christenings; loukoumades are sweet bread donuts given as a reward to Greek Olympians; melomakarona, cookies that date back to the 14th century; pontica, which is a Greek orange cake in orange syrup that can be served with coffee; vasilopita is Greek Saint Basil’s New Year’s Cake; glykismata, Greek desserts and pastries which are usually prepared with honey, nuts, custards and filo; phyllo is a light, flaky, paper thin pastry containing layers of butter. There is no doubt that you would love Greek dessert, especially due to the fact that you can find lots of combinations from which to choose.

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