Meat Dishes are also present in Greek cuisine as being of the most delicious meals from the world. For example, you can taste keftethakia which is a mixture of ground meat, herbs and spices used to prepare cocktail meatballs, patties for grilling, or meatballs in sauce. If you want to prepare bekri meze, you should know that it needs wine, chunks of pork and peppers. Another easy recipe is sykotakia tiganita, meaning fried liver morsels, which can be prepared with lamb, beef, kid, or pork. Souvlaki , or lamb kebabs is a recipe which calls for three days of marinating, and cooking on the following day.

Among Greek beef dishes you can find beef stroganoff, blackened beef stir-fry, braised short ribs, brandied beef roast, chili rubbed porterhouse steaks, cranberry-port pot roast, Jersey beef, New England boiled dinner, Oktoberfest savoury pot roast, peppered beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce, porterhouse steak, prime rib roast, tea braised hanger steak with root vegetables, and tenderloin of beef with walnut-port stuffing. From chicken meat the Greeks can prepare balsamic chicken with vegetables, cashew chicken with bok choy, charcoal-grilled chicken, sinaloa-style, chicken breasts with Feta cheese sauce, chicken capocollo, chicken curry, chicken heaven, chicken roll-ups, chicken and spinach turnovers, roasted chicken, garlic chicken bites with tomato-raisin sauce, honey sesame chicken, oriental honey lemon chicken, rosemary chicken and vegetables and tea smoked chicken.

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