The Greeks can also prepare really tasty soups like avgolemono soup which means Greek egg-lemon soup and which is thought to be the closest recipe to the authentic Greek restaurants; Greek lentil soup, very simple and delicious; Greek bean soup, in which you can add Feta cheese, parsley, fresh chopped tomato, and pita bread; Greek barley soup; Greek lemon soup, which tastes great if it is served cold; Greek lentil soup which can be served with warm grilled pita bread and a crisp Greek salad; Greek onion soup; fasolatha, meaning Greek bean soup; Greek lemon-rice soup; Greek lemon chicken soup; Ev's lentil soup which contains olive oil; Greek egg lemon chicken rice soup; Greek wedding soup, an interesting recipe which refers to the “marriage” of greens and meat in a clear broth; Greek meatball-egg/lemon soup, also called youvarlakia avgolemono which can be served with Feta cheese and crusty bread, and chicken soup, a delicious meal, especially for those wanting to cure the cold.

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