A very tasty dish that can be served with pork and lamb is artichokes with vegetables. You can also try some of the following: avgolemono, a traditional egg-lemon sauce which is usually served over stuffed vine leaves, stuffed cabbage, ant meatballs with rice; basic béchamel sauce, a white sauce used in most of the Greek recipes; bechamel sauce with cheese, containing cheese, vegetables, and meat dishes; chickpea soup, which is extremely easy to prepare; fassolakia freska me domata, or fresh green beans and tomato, which consists of tomatoes, green beans, herbs and spices; fassolatha, the national dish of Greece, is a delicious meal containing herbs, vegetables, and olive oil, but it can also be served with tomatoes or lemon. Another tasty vegetarian recipe is kolokithakia me dyosmo, or zucchini with mint, originated in the Greek island of Mytilini, and containing garlic, mint, and cheese.

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