As appetizers, Chiles Rellenos (Chiles stuffed with meat) and Taq & fried tortillas) are the most common ones. In a fancy restaurant in Guatemala you can serve a platter of ultra-sweet pineapple rings, cantaloupe crescents, pink papaya spears and peeled bananas, since fruit are very much enjoyed in the Guatemalan cuisine. You can also have various pancakes with cheese, or even toast and marmalade, especially in the morning.

Paches, (potatoes tamales with chicken), Chuchitos (stuffed tamales) can be served on platters as appetizers and can be seasoned to your personal taste, even though Guatemalan people like really spiced food.

If you want to have an appetizer consistent, you can opt for the Insalata Caprese. It is a very basic salad containing tomatoes, mozzarella and basil drizzled with olive oil. It can be sprinkled with black pepper and some chilies can be added as well. Other salads can be served on a platter of sliced tomatoes and red onion rings, sprouts and avocado wedges, and can be combined with chicken breast, usually grilled. This appetizer in some cases can even replace dinner, or if the meat is taken out, can be followed by a second course.

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