Among Guatemalan dishes, the “Jacon”, mainly Guatemalan chicken in tomatillo-cilantro sauce, is a specific dish that can easily be prepared if right steps will be followed. You first boil the chicken in slated water then shred meat from the bones and set it aside while you make the sauce. Toast sesame and pumpkin seeds and grind them with a cup of the broth where the chicken has boiled and season everything with cilantro and tomatoes squashed over the boiling sauce. This recipe shows a deep Mayan influence, a legacy that has been kept in the Guatemalan cuisine till our days. Platanos fritos, fried ripe plantains, is another great recipe that in the Guatemalan cuisine can serve as part of a large breakfast of eggs, ham, refried beans. All you have to do is heat oil, add the plantains, sauté till lightly browned, and season everything according to your tastes. If you remember the hot spicy condiments and the typical salsas that characterize the Guatemalan cuisine, your cooked dishes will have the taste needed for such a meal.

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