For a Guatemalan snack, there is a quite a large variety of dishes you can choose from. Usually, in-between meals, Guatemalans will serve sumptuous platter of ultra-sweet pineapple rings, cantaloupe crescents, pink papaya spears and peeled bananas. Fruit salads are a great snack and very much appreciated. They are great for digestion and taste great. Pancakes with different toppings, eggs prepared in any style, toasted bread and marmalade are also snacks eaten with different occasions. More elaborated snacks are the Tamales Negros (black tamales) Paches, (potatoes tamales with chicken), Chuchitos (meat stuffed tamales) that can be served on platters as appetizers, and Arroz Guatemalteco, Guatemalan rice with vegetables which can be served as a side dish as well as snack. Spanish tortilla, garlic bread or herb toasted bread can also be served as great snacks.

For sweet snacks, in Guatemala you can find homemade candies, made from caramelized sugar put on a stick and rolled through chopped nuts or pealed coconut.

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