One of the best cuisines you could adhere to if you are a vegetarian or like vegetarian food is Gujarati cuisine. Whether you are in the North or South or any other part of Gujarat, there are numerous tasty dishes you can try out to suit your palette.

Some of the very common vegetarian dishes include the traditional Gujarati thali. This dish is made of rice, curry, vegetables, farsan, pickles, dal, sprouted beans, chutney and raita. This food generally is not very oily or spicy.

In addition to thali, in Gujarati cuisine, there are a lot more vegetarian dishes. Debras is made from wheat flour and spinach, along with green chillies, yogurt, salt and sugar. This is usually eaten along with Chhundo.

Another great treat is Methia Masala. This is a dry powder consisting of chilly powder, fenugreek seeds, and salt. This masala is used to enhance the taste of uncooked vegetables and salads.

Aside from the main course meals, there are other portions (desserts and snacks) of Gujarati cuisine that are purely vegetarian, but are delicious. They are: Shrikhand, Doodhi Halva (White Gourd Galva), Doodh Pak, Basundi, Undhia, Dhabele (Double Roti, Kutch Style), Gujarati Kadhi, Kachumber, Nutrela Chavli Ghugra and Handvo (Lentil Cake).

As briefly described above, Gujarati cuisine is believed to be one of the healthiest cuisines in India because it has simple foods. Foods are not spicy, and meat in these foods is not common either. However, the simple and delicious taste of Gujarati cuisine is unique.

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