There can be found many influences in the Guyanese cuisine, due to the country’s position and historical background. The most important cooking styles have been adopted from the East Indian, Caribbean, African and Chinese cuisines, but there are also many European influences, as Guyana is basically a harmonic blend of these all. Most of these cuisines are based on seafood and fish dishes which include the traditional stew called pepper pot, which contains cassava juice, meat, hot pepper and various seasonings. The Guyanese cuisine is also curried and this characteristic belongs to the Indian people, which have roti and various spices. In the region of Danemara, there are many sweet local delicacies, as this region is famous for the sugar that it produces and as well, for the traditional rum. In the capital Georgetown, the variety of foods is wide, as all Guyana’s influences, belonging to various countries, can be found in this city.

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