The Guyanese desserts are mostly based on the local fruits. There are many desserts that include banana, like the banana bread, banana fritters, banana honey pie (with crusty pastry, cornstarch, evaporated milk, honey, sugar and salt) and the banana nut loaf (with margarine, sugar, eggs, chopped peanuts, flour and mashed banana). The coconut desserts include coconut biscuits, bread, buns, chutneys, ice-cream, mousse (with grated coconut, tin evaporated milk, gelatin, sugar and food coloring) and coconut snow (with condensed milk, coconut water and gelatin). The caramel custard with oranges is a Caribbean dish, also famous in Guyana, which includes custard of milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla, a caramel sauce and oranges and chopped nuts for decorating.

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