There are several choices when it comes to Haitian appetizers. You can choose from dishes such as Accra, Patties, Corn Fritters, Potato Salads, Corn Meals (Mais Mouline), Rice with dried mushrooms (Diri a jon jon), macaroni au gratin, Rice with red beans (Diri et pois coles) or Tarte a l'oignon. In general, Haitian appetizers are light and refreshing, similar to the salads that accompany more nutritious meals. Chicken poultry is also popular; this includes white chicken breast, cut in strips and rolled in lettuce leaves and served with coconut slices. You will notice that many of the Haitian appetizers are lighter variations of main dishes such as the Boiled Fish, Conch (Lambi), Chicken (Poule) or Fried Pork (Griot).

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