There are several Haitian meat dishes that have gone far beyont Haiti’s borders and are appreciated at an international level. Chicken is prepared as coconut chicken with fafa (green leaves, similar to spinach), chicken curry with bananas and sweet potatoes, papaya chicken, poulet avec les limettes (chicken breast, lime and peanut oil). The fish is eaten marinated or as braised swordfish with sweet potatoes (including garlic and carrots). A well known recipe is the Haitian skillet shrimp. Other used fishes are: tuna, halibut, kingfish, snapper or rockfish. The meat, especially the fish, is sometimes flavored with bouquet garnish, made of laurel, parsley and thyme. Chicken, pork, fish and all seafood either spiced with curry, casseroled or combined with fruits for a sweet taste, instead of the usual salty. Some of the famous pork dishes are: soy pork, pork curry with taro (or also lamb or mutton with coconut milk), or pork curry with banana.

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