Most of the soup recipes in Haiti will produce light and refreshing soups. Soup Joumou (Squash soup) is an interesting and highly appreciated Haitian soup, which tends to get many different variations depending on the local preferences. Although the soups are lighter than the other meals they are still nutritious and filling. Many Haitian soups are cooked for hours and they are often sweet and served warm, in wide bowls. Other soups worth having in your recipe list include the following: Aux Pois Rouges Soup, Bouillon (Haitian Soup), Calalou Chez Clara Soup, Conch Chowder (Lambi), Conch Soup Haitian Style, Green Plantain Soup, Haitian Garlic Soup. Please see the recipes below on information how to cook these delicious Haitian soups.

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