The Hawaiian appetizers is a welcoming taste which is surprisingly made with such skill and perfection that one can’t help but appreciate the cookery art of the chefs of the region. It has almost become a custom for locals and visitors alike to order the mouthwatering appetizer before going for the main course. Light on the pocket and rich in taste the appetizers are a must try food item to fully comprehend the rich taste that savor most Hawaiian cooking. Some of the appetizers include:

Shrimp Ono Nui -- Served at the popular Hawaiian eateries, this appetizer is made from shrimp dipped in egg and rolled in flour. These are then deep-fried, served with sauce and are garnished with coconut or other seasonal flavoring.

Meat rolls -- These are well liked, as they are light yet rich with meat and flavor. Made using white meat or red meat these are rolled into chunks of local bread or vegetable leaves. Held together by strings of vegetable foliage they are enticing to the eyes and light to the stomach.

Garlic bread topped with slices of ham or egg and chicken coated toast serve with local sauce the toasts are made with an intention to provide taste and quality at a decent price. These are often baked with cheese and garnished with vegetable leaves and traditional spices.

Salads are also delicious and nourishing buffet, which is served as appetizers in Hawaiian. Made out of fresh fruits and vegetables and dipped in seasonal spices and sauce these are very healthy offering to a person, which is an appetizer one can’t get enough off. The salads also make use of chunks of chicken or red meat to make it more wholesome. The salad is served chilled and can also be taken along side the main course.

Here are some Hawaiian dishes that can be served as appetizers:

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