The region of Hawaiian is known for its well-mannered people, the cultural background the rich natural offering and sight seeing. But perhaps the discussion of this beautiful island is incomplete and insignificant without mentioning the Hawaiian food offerings. These are delicious foods and desserts made locally using the seasonal items. The desserts are especially is well liked by children and grown up alike as its very flavorsome, appetizing and fresh. The resorts and hotels offer desserts made of fresh fruits, cream and milk. Some of the famous Hawaiian desserts include the following:

Chocolate pudding

Made out of brown chocolate, cream, flour and fresh milk these are toped with pineapple syrup and fruits. The dessert is very nutritious and is hand made. These are particularly prepared using seasonal fruits and flavors. The dessert not only taste great but also is also available at levelheaded prices at the local shops and restaurant.

Banana and pineapple pie

These fruits are cultivated in the region and their desserts are readily available at reasonable price. Served fresh the famous banana and pineapple pies are mouth-watering delights that are baked to perfection and topped with cream and syrup.

Peach dipped in cream

Slices of fresh peach dished in fresh cream and topped with sugar cane syrup. It is a simple but very delicious dessert offering which is also well liked by people who are opting for a light dessert. These are readily available at Hawaiian food festivals.

Island coconut bars

These are baked and served with toping of a scoop of ice cream. Coconut is the locally cultivated fruit and is blended with sugar, flour, and baking powder, to form soft delicious coconut bars at the serving of any person who is grateful for delicious dessert.

Cake and encrust

The cakes are made to perfection by the finest chef of the Hawaiian. Although may be priced higher but is made good for it price as the cakes are delicious, wholesome and mouthwatering. Made out of condense milk, cream, butter and topped with crunch made of sugarcane syrups these cakes are delight for natives and tourists found of desserts.

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