The island of Hawaiian is famous for its stunning sightseeing, pleasing weather conditions, the gracious people and the mouth-watering cooking. The cooking itself is the prime reason that tourism is attracted toward this region. The reason being that the cooking takes it form from different cultures such as Chinese, American and Japanese and brings in diversification of scrumptious taste and distinctive eatery experience. The Hawaiian island is exclusively known for its meat dishes, which are served in hotels, resorts and local market place. The cooking includes both white and red meat and is cooked with delicacy and perfection to attract connoisseurs and provide them the best meat dishes offering.

Some of the chief Hawaiian meat dishes include:

Kalua Pig

One of the most famous cookery of Hawaiian and this meat dish is much popular among tourists and local alike as it offers them a yummy serving of food and food preparation at its perfection. Served with locally prepared sauce, bread or rice the meal is cooked using meat of pork which is soaked with the Hawaiian sea salt and is introduce to the local spices and liquid smoke to give it an appetizing taste and smell. Wrapped in an aluminum foil it is roasted tenderly and served steaming hot. Barbeque lamb

Hot and spicy barbeque, coated with lemon juice and seasonal spices this meat dish is pleasure for spicy food lovers. The pork is covered with salt, spices, and lemon juice and is left coated for some hours. Then the barbeque is done carefully till the red meat is tender. Served with sauce and bread this is one the commonly eaten meat dish in Hawaiian.

Chicken veal

For white meat lovers the well-liked meat dish is the chicken luau, which is served in most eatery of the island. Made using chicken thighs, seasonal vegetables, sweet potatoes and coconut milk the specialty of the Hawaiian island. The chicken is baked till it is done and is served with local sauce made of green chili and red chili spices.

Chicken steam roast

Light in spices and rich in taste this meat dish is well like by fitness concern people. It’s baked in steam and is introduce to only seasonal salts and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and onions and tomatoes. The roast is steamed till the meat is tender and is served with rice and home sauce.

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