Vegetables and fruits are the chief crop cultivated in the region of Hawaiian. Its abundance and easy availability and the specialty of Hawaiian chefs in making mouth-watering salads has given these salads a very prominent position as a must have food item in the region. Whether it’s in a form of appetizer or in the variety of vegetarian and fruit dishes the salads are served as a side dish and as a main course in all food outlets of the region.

The famous Hawaiian salads includes:

Pasta Salads

The tasty salad is served in local restraints and food resorts. Its chief ingredient includes cooked pasta, seseme seeds, carrots, cucumber, vegetable leaves and other nourishing and healthful vegetables. It is made in pineapple juice and is served chilled. Due to its rich taste and lightness the pasta salads are taken as appetizer and also with the main course. This salad is a must have visitors as it blends in a rich taste of Hawaiian cultivations with the cultural cooking style.

Sweet potatoes Salad

Garnished with cheese and paste of garlic and spices. The potatoes are tenderly baked and are soaked with Hawaiian sea salt and served with local sauce made of green chilly. The sweet potatoes salad is often taking along side with the main course and is very popular among children as the meal provides them a sweet and wholesome taste.

Chicken chunks salad

The delicious salad is prepared by introducing roasted chicken chunks to a mixture of green leaves, sweet potatoes, onions, Spanish, tomatoes and onions. It is soaked with pineapple juice and is served chilled toped with chili sauce. The meal is a complete course and is readily available in the restraints and fast food outlets of the region.

Shrimp salads

The shrimp salad is especially prepared to intermingle in the delight of Hawaiian seafood and the richness of its vegetarian cultivations. The salad is prepared using fresh shrimps, pineapple juice to soak the shrimps and delicious sweet and sour sauce. These ingredients are introduced to nourishing fruits and vegetables as mushrooms, tomatoes, green onion and chili. The salad is served chilled topped with sliced cheese and chili sauce.

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