The snacks item available in Hawaiian differs from the offering of other region as in Hawaiian much emphases is on amalgamation of the long-established style of cookery and taste into the snack items. These items are made with care and affection and truly portray the taste of the region. A visit to this region is not truly complete if one does not form an acquaintance with the snack offerings. Some of the readily available and liked Hawaiian snack items include the followings: -

Hawaiian crackers

These crackers are readily available at the local markets of the Hawaiian region. Freshly baked hands made crackers are very light and full of flavor. They are served in sealed pack or as an open serving in bakeries. These crackers are very popular among the young populace, enthusiast tourist and travelers who like meal in walk.

Coconut Shortbread Cakes

Freshly baked coconut cakes come in small dices and the size is just enough to present the delicious offering in a fulfilling manners. These are made especially for tourists and travelers to taste the offering of the region. Coconut is the cultivated crop in the region and readily available so these snack items are made on regular bases and serve at bakeries and restaurants all over the region.

Chocolate cookies

The chocolate cookies are made with a combination of nuts, coconut and fresh cream, which makes this offer very tempting to cookies lovers. These are very popular snack item in the region and are consumed heavily on regular bases. For tourism and sales purposes the cookies are shaped in attractive shapes and come in different sizes and packages. The natives of Hawaiian are well famed Hawaii for baking the finest chocolate Cookies.

Island Peanuts

This is also a well-known island snack item served in local shops. The island peanuts come in small packets and are spiced with red chilly, green pepper and are also served plane minced with salt. The item is not very costly and tourist can often be seen enjoying beautiful scenery while holding a packet of this snack item with them.

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