The islands of Hawaii offer vegetarians a variety of vegetarian dishes, which are luscious, fulfilling and low on fats. The Hawaiian natives are experts in the cooking of vegetarian dishes, as these dishes were the only food item available to the island at its early stages. As history reveals before the introduction of meat to the island vegetables were the only cookery in the region and the native perfected the art of cooking healthy and appetizing Hawaiian vegetarian dishes.

Some of the famous Hawaiian Vegetarian includes:

Hawaiian Vegetarian Salads

The island is famed for its vegetarian salads. These are served chilled and include the cultivated vegetables and fruits in the island. The food is very nutritious as it consists of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions, pineapples, coconut and vegetable leaves. Mixed with local salts and a pinch of spice it is a hale and hearty food offer for the health conscious populace.

Hawaiian Vegetarian Kabobs

The natives of Hawaiian proudly offer this food to the tourists and visitors, as this is one of the finest Hawaiian vegetarians offering of the region. Using a blend of vegetables and pineapple juice the serving is mixed with oil and local sauce and is refrigerated. The marinade is mixed with onions and mushrooms and is grilled. The kabobs are served with rice and bread with dress up of vegetable leaves.

Hawaiian Spicy vegetarian

The vegetable offering also teases the taste buds of people who are found of having spicy and hot food. Spicy sweet potatoes, chili and tomatoes paste and spicy vegetable leaves are prepared using seasonal spices and vegetable leaves and soaked with pepper and Hawaiian sea salt. Bakes in butter and garlic paste the dish is served fiery with taste deliciousness. This food offering is served fondly in Hawaiian food festivals and is one of the favorite eatery for travelers and tourists.

Hawaiian Spanish Delight

Since the island is rich in cultivation and grew vegetable leaves and herbs, Spanish delight is therefore the Hawaiian vegetarian regular offering in hotels and local market. The dish is baked in oil and makes use of fresh vegetables including sweet potatoes, onions, and spices. It is garnished with cream and shredded cheese and is served with rice and bread.

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