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The focus of this group is to provide healthy recipes for those with diabetes and other health conditions. If you want to try to achieve a healthier you... then this is the group for you!

There will be plenty of recipes posted which will also be put in the "files" section. When looking for a particular recipe or food item to prepare do a search on the "messages" page to find all the posts relating to your search item. Everyone is invited to post recipes or other diabetic-related diet, food and nutrition information.

Always include nutrition information on recipes as well as the original source of the recipe.

This group is for the positive encouragement of others with ongoing health issues. If your health is important to you then maybe the recipes collected and posted here will help you to feel your best through some difficult times and not feel like you no longer can eat tasty foods.

Remember!! Always consider your own personal health needs! Each of us is different in our requirements for nutrition based on individual circumstances. Never expect that all recipes here will be appropriate for all people and especially do not expect all recipes to be right for "YOUR NEEDS" and NEVER expect someone else to know for you unless that person is a professional who can do so! Each person unless an invalid has the responsibility to know what they can and cannot eat to manage health! If you are unsure of what works look to professionals who can help you learn more... so if necessary consult your doctor or a dietician or nutritionist. This is not a disclaimer but simple honest truth to help everyone learn for themselves and not expect others to do it for them!

IF you are planning to prepare foods for others with any type of health condition... ask them... do not assume a food is going to be okay for those you care about! Asking is caring!

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Healthy Recipes For Diabetic Friends Y-Group

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