Most people come home from school or work and they go directly to the fridge for a snack. Having snacks is not a wrong thing as long as you keep them moderate. The most important thing, though is to eat healthy snacks. They are quite indicated, especially for children whose activity is more intense and usually need more calories in order to stay energetic. A lot of children take from snacks as much as one forth of their daily calories. Care should be taken though that the children don’t eat these snacks right before lunch or dinner so that their appetite won’t be ruined. The healthy snacks give parents another ppopopop to give their children healthy foods. The secret towards making your children eat healthy is to keep healthy food in your refrigerator. The simplest choices would be the fruits and the vegetables because they don’t need too much preparation if any. This is the best way to encourage your kids towards eating healthy. You can also try to teach the kids some cooking techniques, this way you can slip in some hints about which foods are healthy and which are not. There is another thing that matters while having a snack: the mood you are in. Here are some example of healthy snacks that are categorized according to moods: - if the child is thirsty he could have as a snack skim milk or chilled vegetable juice; - when the child is crunchy you should give him/her some raw vegetables, unbuttered popcorn or wheat crackers; - if the child is good humored you should provide him/her with fruit, frozen grapes or bananas.

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