The Hong Kong cuisine offers a lot of appetizer choices, which can be sometimes considered also as main courses. For example, some very popular appetizers in Hong Kong are the asparagus beef rolls. This dish is quite complex containing rolls, beef, asparagus, mushrooms, pepper, chicken broth and also corn starch. Usually it is served as an appetizer, but there are quite a few people, usually tourists, that have it as a main course. Appetizers in the Hong Kong cuisine may also consist of fresh vegetable or fruit salads. People in Hong Kong value a lot fresh vegetables, that is why salads here are not just simple salads, they are also considered to be art forms. Soups are also considered to be great appetizers in the Hong Kong cuisine. There is a great variety of soups in the Hong Kong cuisine, but the main categories are thin and thick soups. However, probably the most enjoyed appetizers in Hong Kong are the sushi dishes. There are thousands of sushi recipes to choose from.

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