The Hong Kong cuisine is considered to be one of the most popular Chinese cooking styles all over the world. The ingredients used in the Hong Kong cuisine must be very fresh and as a rule, the dishes have to be cooked just before serving. What make this cooking style so famous is the use of many spices and the mixture of unique ingredients. There are four main cooking styles in the Hong Kong cuisine.

  • The Chiu Chow cuisine, which is mainly based on poultry dishes garnished with hot sauces.
  • The Shanghainese cuisine is known for it s sweet flavors. The main ingredients used in such dishes are vegetables, pickles and salted meats.
  • The Peck cuisine is a special cooking style that has developed in the imperial courts, thus being more elegant and sophisticated. The main ingredient in the Peck cuisine is duck meat.
  • The Szechuan cuisine is known for its very spicy flavors. The most used spices are chili, garlic and the well known “strange-sauce”.

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