There is also quite a large variety of desserts in the Hong Kong cuisine. Most of these desserts and sweets are prepared in a specific and rather interesting way. Traditional Hong Kong desserts include all kinds of sweet soups that are usually made from steamed milk and/or egg that have a custard-like texture and which are added with nuts or even spices. Another kind of sweet soup is the sweet snow frog jelly soup that despite the rather strange name is actually a pleasant and nourishing delicacy. Fruit juices and fruit-based desserts are also quite popular in Hong Kong especially during the summer, being the perfect choice to quench your thirst. Today, the Hong Kong desserts are more and more based on fruits and they seem to be much lighter and not as sweet as the Western deserts. The common fruit salads are given an Asian touch by adding in them some small sea coconut cubes or even pearls of starch made from sago palms.

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