The most popular meat dishes in the Hong Kong cuisine are the ones made from poultry, beef or pork. One of the most famous poultry based dishes is the roast duck with pineapple. Also, the Pecking Duck is considered to be quite a delicacy in the Hong Kong cuisine. It is traditionally served with mandarin pancakes on the side and garnished with the hoisin sauce brushed with onions. Another Hong Kong delicacy is the shredded beef in chilli sauce. Pork meat is also very popular in the Hong Kong cuisine. The dishes are usually prepared from thin strips of pork, which are even fried or stir-fried and then mixed with a variety of exotic vegetables. The Mu Shu Pork is definitely one of the most popular Asian dishes world wide. Traditionally, the dish is served in pancakes and garnished with hoisin sauce. The pancake filled with mu shu is rolled up and then dipped in the tasty sauce.

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