Hong Kong snacks are usually consisting of small portions of side dishes. Most of these dishes are light and quite easy to prepare. Hong Kong people are very fond of snacks because they like to eat in between meals. The various types of salads represent some of the most popular snacks in Hong Kong. Salads in the Hong Kong cuisine are quite different than the western salad as they usually contain noodles or some kind of beans. Also, the Hong Kong people like to eat as snacks all kinds of nuts or dried fruits. Fresh fruit salads also represent a popular snack dish, which are also very easy to make. There are also some meat-based snacks in the Hong Kong cuisine. Some of the most representative such snacks are the chicken dumplings. These treats are served both as appetizers and snacks and they are made of chicken breasts, soy sauce, sesame oil, green onion, wanton wrappers, chicken broth and water.

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