There is an incredible variety of soups is the Hong Kong cuisine. However, there are only two main categories of soup, the thin soup and the thick soup. The thin soups are usually made from clear broth. The dish is cooked very quickly. The meat and the vegetables are added at the end. Each vegetable has it’s own very well established cooking time. The most important thing in cooking thin soups is not overcooking the broth. The vegetables are also not supposed to be overcooked so that they don’t lose their nutrients and distinctive flavor. On the other hand, when cooking the thick soups the vegetables must be added at once. The ingredients are supposed to be overcooked, at a slow flame till they blend together. At the end of the cooking process cornstarch or tapioca are sometimes added as thickeners. One of the most famous thick soups is the hot and sour soup, which is made from shredded pork and dried mushrooms.

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