Appetizers are not a very common dish in Hungary. Generally Hungarian people are more likely to start their meal with soup rather than an appetizer. Still, when served appetizer consists in a lot of vegetables and homemade sausage platters. Other appetizers consist in stuffing mushroom caps with small pieces of goose liver, which offer them a unique flavor. After being stuffed two mushroom caps are placed together making a perfect sphere then covered with dried crust and fried. After the two mushroom caps get really well fried they are served with a cream-based, paprika sauce. Another appetizer frequently consumed in the Hungarian cuisine is made from small beef morsels blended together with peppers, celery, celery roots, onion and some other vegetables. Cheese spreaded also called in Hungarian “ korozott” is a very famous starter especially when used at the parties. Every family always adjusts his recipe and this is why one may find different versions of this recipe if searching in more than one cookbook. Still, all recipes are mentioning the importance of three major ingredient caraway seeds, paprika and a creamy sort of cheese. Besides all that some Hungarians mix into it some mustard or sour cream, onion and even chopped anchovies.

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