The three most used beverages In the Hungarian culinary culture are the beer, palinka and the wine. Besides this there is another beverage discovered 150 ago and whose recipe their producers are holding in secrecy. This drink is called Unicum and represents a unique mixture of 40 different herbs very helpful if drank after meals or as an aperitif thus helping digestion. Palinka is an alcoholic beverage stracted from different fruits grown in the many meadows lying on the Great Hungarian Plain. Innate often drink this kind of beverage either they do it before lunch or after it and may come in a large variety of flavors like cherry (cseresznye) ore apricot (barack) ones. Nevertheless the best of one is considered to be palinka made from plums. When it comes to beer there are three main Hungarian breweries: Kõbánya, Arany Ászok and Dreher. Many of the Hungarian traditional dishes go better if u have some good beer along with them.

When you want to have a good wine in Hungary you will find rather difficult choosing one label. There are many types of wine in Hungary but most popular are dry Zöldszilváni, Szurkebarat and Harslevelu, Reisling and dry white Chardonnay, medium Tramini and aromatic Muskotaly. Most wanted and popular red wines on the Hungarian market are the dry Burgundy, Kekfrankos, Oporto, Cabernet and Pinot-Noir. There are wines designated specially for desserts like a label called Tokaji and which has a very sweet bouquet and flavor.

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